About me

  • Do you want more inspiration and deeper meaning in your life?
  • Do you want clear motivation and a strong moral compass in your business or personal life?
  • Would you like to talk with others about how things are going – in the world, in your business, in your life? Conversation with wisdom, warmth and humor?

If only there was a ready-made answer, or a computer that would work out a nice, easy system for you. You hop back and forth from one guru to another; you have your employees take courses in business integrity. But you never seem to have the time to think calmly and honestly about these things, or to talk about them with friends or colleagues.

Perhaps you are no longer sure of what truly suits you or your organization. You wonder how other people deal with these things. There is just too much. You no longer see the forest through the trees, and you no longer truly know what speaks to you or where your own path leads.

I am Wies Houweling and I work with self-aware people who seek deeper insight into their own meaning-making systems, people who seek inspiration and recalibration of their inner compass. People who want to work on living more fully integrated lives.

I work with people who –

  • want to leave prejudices and narrow-mindedness behind
  • want to clarify their personal meaning-making structures
  • want to be able to talk openly about the meaning of their lives and work
  • want to nourish themselves through a range of diverse spiritualities

I believe everyone can do this. If you have the right language, you can live more intentionally and know what is important in your work and your life.

I have more than 25 years’ experience counseling individuals and organizations. I have been a minister and university chaplain, and have served in leadership and advisory roles in national and international organizations, including the Biblical Museum in Amsterdam, World Council of Churches, Radio and Television of North Holland, the religious and spiritual workgroup of the Dutch Green Party (GroenLinks), the Dutch chapter of the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, and others.

I currently serve in a directorial and executive capacity in an association with more than 3,000 members, and sit on several boards, as well as provide counseling to individuals. This experience has given me deep insight into the sources of meaning-making and inspiration.

With me you will go farther and deeper. If you work with me I will give you an overview of trends and offer insight into meaning-making and inspiration. As we work together I will encourage you to put into words things that you have known for a long time and to continue discovering deeper layers.

If you work with me as a business, I can accompany you on the path of integrity and meaning-making as we chart your course together.

By the time our work is finished, you will have insight into your own inner compass and your business’s meaning-making systems, and you will be relieved to discover that it was so simple and so easy to reach. You can travel with me and a world will open before you.

Interested? Email me at info@wieshouweling.nl.